Hey guys it's now possible to play official GTA V on your Android phone without any problem but the method is online you can't download the game but you have to play it with your mobile data or your WiFi network so to download the game you have to just follow the given steps and be remember that game works on the speed of 50 KBS 50 kbps if you are a jio user you can play it after your daily 1GB has expire soon as the game graphics is so good you can able to play it very easily but the game lags well because it's only the beta version means it it is created by my friend only but if you want to play the game player down if you want to download the game pinch it can work also and it can't be so guys to download the game make sure that you have subscribe my channel that is all in one technical on YouTube to get get get started to download the game you need to just follow the given steps given below the game is not from the rockstar company it's just the fan made created we can say it and if the game is not working on your Android device so don't be in tension because we will update the link as soon we get the full version of this game is the steps are given below you can just download it from the direct link but you need to do one thing that the turbo VPN from the Play Store and just select the location of USA because the game runs on USA network only but you have to not use all time the USA network just for downloading it you need to choose the USA network so after you select the USA network

2.Now open this website and with usa vpn only the game from here to download CLICK HERE insatll the aap the emulator called ex and enjoy gta 5

6.thanks for watching our post 


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